Strings Attached

“Diane Dakers has created an interesting story about orchestra life while also effectively
portraying the difficulties of high school through believable characters, realistic dialogue
and engaging descriptions of music, from classical to contemporary.”
                                                                                    ~ Tabitha Nordby, CM Magazine, February 2017


Brielle is a 14-year-old cellist who has always played second fiddle to her BFF Tawni. When Tawni is injured and unable to play, Brielle is promoted to principal cellist. It’s a high-pressure job she is terrified to do. Brielle tries to get out of it, but the conductor insists she takes the seat in the spotlight. Eventually, Brielle changes her tune, and realizes she’s as good a principal cellist as Tawni. When Tawni is ready to return to orchestra, Brielle knows she’s either going to lose her top job, or lose her best friend.

Book categories: Fiction and Middle Grade Books